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Complete Forgiveness, a Life Changing Experience

Family Forgives

You can’t live in a broken world without eventually being marred by brokenness on a personal level. All of us to a greater or lesser degree are carrying around wounds or scars in various stages of healing. How you deal with the hurt will define the rest of your life.

Proven Ways to Detect & Prevent Depression

Depressed Man

Here we will learn that preventing depression is essential to healthy living. Depression is not new. It is an age-old problem that is written about extensively in Scripture. Understanding we are not alone in our suffering helps in preventing depression. In the Bible, we find several accounts of mighty men of God who surrendered to the overwhelming pull of depression. Elijah, Jeremiah, and David are three examples that come to mind. Many of David’s psalms are filled with anguish. Elijah, after a great victory over the prophets of Baal, begged God to take his life. And Jeremiah is recognized as the weeping Prophet.

Understanding the Confusion in Your Mind

Understanding Confusion in Your Mind

Understanding the confusion in your mind is like chaos in your brain. It attacks your greatest need for security, stability, and peace of mind. You feel overwhelmed. Your thoughts are cluttered, and you find it extremely difficult to make decisions. You feel like you are walking through a fog or that you have cotton wrapped around the gears in your brain. You are unable to think clearly because of the confusion in your mind. Poor concentration in conversations, reading, or movies makes enjoyment next to impossible.

The Need for Understanding Compassion

Understanding Compassion

What is compassion? we each need to understand the necessity of compassion. When we open the Bible to learn about compassion, we’re faced with dozens of references to this very topic. We learn that we should be compassionate to others; that God is compassionate to humanity; we see people crying out for compassion. So what is compassion? At its very core, it is the sensitivity to the suffering of ourselves and others. It’s the desire to help ease the suffering, whether that’s experienced in our lives or in the lives of others.

How to Effectively Understanding Depression

Depressed Woman

Effectively understanding depression requires taking the time and making the effort to do some research on mental health. Most other illnesses are socially acceptable, even spiritually tolerable, but suffer from depression, you are labeled as being mentally ill. Some people expect that one who has fallen beneath the massive wheels of mental illness will never rise again or live a productive life.