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How to Embrace the Thorns in Your Life

Embracing The Thorns in Your Life

Individuals carry into their adult relationships, defective ways of interacting with their partner, children, family, friends, peers, and superiors. They bring forward what they have been taught in their home environments, adult/child relationships, and peer experiences. So, how do you embrace the thorns in your life?

Healing Through Forgiveness

Healing Through Forgiveness -Foregiveness in Pain

Take a moment and think about the word, “forgiveness”. What emotions do you experience when you realize you have been forgiven? “Forgiveness”, what a wonderful word it is! How healing it is! How freeing it is! Healing through forgiveness is a powerful growing experience. Yet forgiveness has two sides to it. Forgiveness has a double edge.

How To Overcome Our Fears

Overcoming Our Fears

How to overcome our fears. Worry, anxiety, and fear are common emotions to us all. These are uncomfortable feelings that eat away at our insides, steeling our appetite, sleep, energy, and happiness. These reactions to circumstances, rob the sufferer of the freedom to enjoy life. Worry, anxiety, and fear dull the mind and destroy our peace and joy. Learning the secret of how to overcome our fears is essential if we are going to live a stable life.

How to Heal through Understanding Depression

Healing Through Understanding Depression

Understanding Depression is one of the most misunderstood illnesses of our day. Most other illnesses are socially acceptable, even spiritually tolerable, but suffer from depression you are labeled as being mentally ill. Some people expect that one who has fallen beneath the massive wheels of mental illness will never rise again or live a productive life. The Christian victim of depression is accused of lacking faith, having hidden sins, laziness, or unbelief, which is to say you aren’t a Christian at all. Those who have never suffered the debilitating effects of depression can’t begin to understand the complexities of the illness.

Mental Wellness & Painful Emotions

Woman Experiencing Painful Emotions and Wishing for Mental Wellness

Mental wellness and painful emotions go hand in hand with your overall well-being. What comes to mind when you hear the word, “emotions?” If life presently has you on the mountaintop, you may experience a warm fuzzy feeling when you think of the word, “emotions”. But many times we are not on that mountain. Most often we are in the valley. If you are currently struggling through distressing circumstances, you may feel some anxiety, unhappiness, or loneliness when you hear the word, “emotions”. Connecting your emotions and mental wellness may give you a path out of your dark valley.

It Just Takes an Attitude Adjustment

Woman with a Positive Attitude

It just takes an attitude adjustment. I woke up this morning with a dark cloud hanging over my head. There was a challenge facing me that I considered a necessary nuisance. In the past, I would think this task to be something that had to be done. So, I would grudgingly settle in and work at it until it was finished. This morning, however, The Spirit checked me, and I was reminded of what I had said just last week in a presentation. “God wants our worship. Worship comes first, then everything else we do will flow out of our love and fellowship with our Lord. Every area of our lives is to be surrendered, in an act of worship.”

Victorious Living God’s Way

Living Victoriously Gods Way

With simple positive ways to Live in victory God’s way what comes to mind when you hear the words, “Victorious living? Could you describe the experience to someone if they were to ask what is victorious living? Not everyone’s idea of victorious living is the same. Some people think that if they are successful in their careers or ministries, they are living victoriously. Some of you may disagree with others on the description of victorious living, God’s way.