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How to Balance Career and Family Life

How to balance career and family life is a challenge that every loving father struggles with and learning to stretch your minutes makes the time you spend with your family seem like more. The secret to stretching your minutes is to use your time wisely. Innovative planning and improved communication skills make the difference. Using downtime to send a text to your wife and children lets them know you are thinking of them. This is one way to balance career and  family, along with your mental wellness.


Mark off the dinner hour in your appointment book for time with your family. If it is scheduled into your day, you are more likely to follow through. This is family time and they need your undivided attention. Refuse to break that appointment for any reason. Do not let your clients assume you are available on demand.

Book family time once a month for outings and take your children to places that will nurture their interests and encourage them to explore the world God has created. Go for a hike or drive and take along a picnic lunch. Play games, compete in sports or read books together. Tell stories about your childhood and the ways God has blessed you. Share your testimony often. You want your children to know what God has done in your life.


If you find you have had a difficult day and are feeling unusually stressed or tired, take fifteen minutes of quiet time before you leave your office. Or park your car somewhere close to home and just spend some time listening to music. This way you will be recharged and will find the energy to talk or play with your children.

When you get home from work, turn off your phone, kiss your wife, and take your children into your arms. Spend the next fifteen minutes giving them your undivided attention. No phone calls, texts, or messages. This is bonding time. These fifteen minutes are how you balance your career, family life, and your mental wellness.


Balancing career and family means eating together  Each child should have one weekly evening with Daddy. Share quiet moments or enjoy a special activity. These are occasions when specific interests are discovered and nurtured. Unique gifts and talents are developed as you provide opportunities for learning. These experiences are intended to be bonding times without interruptions or distractions of your phone.


Family life means establish a specific bedtime for each child and tuck them in. Take advantage of every opportunity to affirm your child’s value. Read a story. Listen to secrets. Express your love and affection. Don’t rush, these are precious moments. Pray with them about each concern and kiss them good night.

Balancing Career and Family means bedtime reading

Older children also enjoy you tapping on their door to say goodnight. As you are consistent in this practice, your children will look forward to this special time with you. This is often when they will reveal something they didn’t want to share with the rest of the family. They will trust you with their secrets. And you will be able to ward off possible difficulties before they



Take turns having one of your children with you when running errands or enjoying recreation. Teach your children a sport or creative activity. These are convenient times to balance career and family obligations. Use this time to talk to them about their lives and how they feel about what is happening. Draw out their thoughts and give your support. Use these special moments to guide them in their responses to situations. Encourage them to make wise decisions.


          Minutes seem like more when you give your undivided attention. Train yourself to be an active listener.

  • Be interested and attentive.
  • Maintain eye contact and use facial expressions.
  • Listen patiently without interrupting.
  • Ask open-ended questions to gather more understanding.
  • Watch for non-verbal communication.
  • Repeat back what has been understood.

These simple guidelines will enable even the most distracted father to adopt effective listening skills and be able to validate the feelings of his children.  Learning how to balance career, and,  family time can double your influence along with your undivided attention. The best gift you can give your children is yourself.


Each person has a specific approach by which they feel most loved. Knowing what makes your wife and children feel most loved, helps you to meet their love needs more effectively and guarantees their receiving the message. There are five specific love languages that can impact your children.

  1. Words of Affirmation: Statements to express value to your loved one.
  2. Quality Time: Giving your undivided attention.
  3. Gifts: Inexpensive tokens that say, “I was thinking of you”.
  4. Acts of Service: Show an unexpected expression of kindness.
  5. Physical Touch: Gentle affection appropriate to age.

Children need all five love languages spoken to them consistently to feel valued. But each child usually has one love language that speaks to them most effectively. All the other languages of love will complement and reaffirm your acceptance of your child. Fathers who balance career and family can be most attentive to each child’s love language. When you speak it fluently your children will feel loved. They will develop self-worth and correct negative behavior. Learning how to balance career and family responsibilities, may prevent teenage rebellion.

Time Management between Career and Family

Family life takes effort, to raise well-balanced children. Career and Family obligations are difficult to manage with your schedule. But keep in mind, children need quality time more than they need large amounts of time with you. Commit to engaging with your children whenever you have five minutes to spare. Put your phone down. Reject the urge to read your messages or send a text. Don’t waste precious opportunities when you could be strengthening your child’s self-worth. With a little practice, you will discover how to best balance career and family commitments.

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How to Balance Career and Family Life

How to balance career and family life is a challenge that every loving father struggles with and learning to stretch your minutes makes the time you spend with your family seem like more. The secret to stretching your minutes is to use your time wisely.

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How to Balance Career and Family Life